Australian Map peg puzzle

Australian Map peg puzzle

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This map of Australia peg puzzle has pieces for each of the States & Territories.  Natural wildlife and capital cities are included on each piece or on the side of the piece.

It’s a great learning puzzle that introduces the island of Australia along with simple information about our country. The wooden pieces fit neatly into the tray which is brightly decorated in child friendly non toxic paint.

Picking up and placing small puzzle pieces helps your child to choose their preferred hand and refine their hand skills. Completing puzzles together is a fun way to develop teamwork, sharing and turn taking skills, along with building self confidence.

As children develop and try more complex puzzles, they learn early maths and science concepts such as a whole is made of parts.

The map of Australia peg puzzle can also be used for art and learning projects. Trace

Educational Values:

  • Fine motor skills 
  • Hand-eye coordination
  • Shape recognition
  • Problem solving 
  • Memory 
  • Turn taking skills 
  • Social Skills